Sensor free - No belts on performers

Spotrack system is visual tracking system where human operator is tracking a stage performer using a video camera and a computer mouse. Therefore, performer is free from wearing any type of transmitter.

Integration with a light desk

Moving and digital light can also be controlled with a light desk at the same time. During tracking, light desk operator can change colour, gobo, animation etc, while Spotrack operator tracks the performer.

100% reusable

Spotrack system is addressing moving lights dynamically, which allows light designer to change the number of moving lights to be used for tracking and ones used for effect. For example, if 10 moving lights are used for tracking, in one cue, all10 moving lights can be used for tracking and in another cue only 2 can be used for tracking, and remaining 8 can be used for effect.

Single operator using up to 20 moving lights as a single followspot.

World's first visual tracking system for performing arts.


Any place, any moving light

Spotrack system is patented system that gives followspot functionality to moving lights. It is 3D tracking system that allows single operator to track one stage performer, with up to, 20 moving lights in tracking mode. Spotrack system consists of video camera, computer and DMX interface. Video camera is placed in such position to give overall view of the stage, and video is displayed on computer screen (via TV capture card). Operator is following stage performer with computer mouse on screen, and, in real time, based on mouse position on screen, computer calculates pan and tilt values for each individual moving light, providing them with tracking functionality.

Tracking performer in 3D

Spotrack system includes 3D stage correction and performer height correction. There are nine areas that can be defined for automatic 3D stage correction. When operator move computer mouse in one of this areas, computer will automatically include correction factor when calculating tilt and pan values. Area "0" is for performer height correction. Spotrack operator is following performer by targeting computer mouse at his/her feet. If this function is not activated, moving light, centre of beam will be at performer feet (stage floor). Activating this function, operator can choose where the centre of beam will be targeting. Performer waist, head or even, over head. Performer height correction is automatically added to 3D stage correction.

Integration with light desk

Spotrack system is integrated in DMX network. It receives DMX data from light desk and inserts pan and tilt values for each moving light, thus enabling light desk and Spotrack system to control moving lights at the same time. This way, effects, colours, gobos, and all other moving light parameter can be controlled by the light desk. Tracking, pan and tilt values, are controlled by spotrack operator. This functionality provides integration of light effects and tracking functionality, for a "that looks nice" effect.

Spotrack system remotely controlled by the light desk

Spotrack system is 21 DMX channel device. Each moving head can be attached (value >128) or detach (value <128) from tracking at any time, or tracking function, in general (for all moving lights) can be enabled or disabled. This way, for example, we can have only three moving lights in tracking mode during song and seventeen in effect mode (controlled by the light desk), and, at the end of the song we can use all twenty moving lights in tracking mode (all moving lights targeting stage performer).

Automatic control of dimmer

Based on the performer distance from moving light, computer calculates dimmer value for each moving light. This function can be enabled or disabled.

Two point calibration

Moving light calibration is done using two points on the stage floor. Spotrack and light desk operators can calibrate 20 moving lights in 60 minutes.


Spotrack system is modular system; this means that two or more systems can be configured in one show. It is possible to use several spotrack operators and one light desk, so that several performers can be tracked on the stage, individually.

Transmitter free

Spotrack operator is free to choose what performer on stage will be tracked with moving lights in real time. During the show, operator can track, singer, guitar player, or it can focus with light, a drummer, back vocals, etc.

About the Company

We are Irish company that develops video tracking systems. We are part of Galway - Mayo institute of technology and theirs New Frontiers program sponsored by Enterprise Ireland.

Based on our own property video tracking technology, we have developed two products for tracking the stage performer with moving lights and digital lights.

Systems for tracking are simple, low cost, and robust and there are based around video camera and human operator. Systems are designed to be used from single person theatres, puppet theatres up to large theaters, large concerts and broadcast productions.

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Legal Notice

Spotrack and VidFspot products are based on a patent pending system design.

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